MASSIVE CASE STUDY: How I scaled a campaign from $0 to $2850/day using adult traffic sources


Following is a detailed case that reveals how I created a profitable campaign and scaled it to 12 countries and 3 adult traffic sources.

I decided to share this case study of one of my very profitable projects to show you how easy it actually is to scale a campaign to over $2k a day once you find a small profitable campaign.

In short, it all comes down to finding a campaign with a decent ROI right front the start and then scaling that campaign to multiple countries and multiple traffic sources to maximize the profit.

So without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Step 1: Finding a profitable campaign

This is by far the most critical part and once you get it right, it is just a matter of “HOW MUCH profit” you will make rather then “IF you will make any profit”.

Most of the time people get it wrong because it requires you to either find something new and put a big amount of time and money to prepare all the creatives and then run a test and repeat that process over and over again until you find something that’s profitable, or you you can take what’s already working and scale it yourself.

The second way is easier, but it still requires you to do detailed analysis and make extensive research of hundreds or even thousands of campaigns to find something that you could work with. I could try to search for such campaigns manually by using proxies or VPN to connect to various countries and then scraping ads and collecting landing pages from all top sites where I can buy traffic, but I still wouldn’t be sure which ones are winning campaigns since I have no clue on how well they perform.

PRO TIP: Use spy tools. If you are serious about finding the wining campaigns, you should definitely use a spy tool. Not only it will save you a huge amount of time and money you would have spent on VPN or proxies, but it will also allow you to find profitable campaigns in seconds.

This is only possible with spy tools because they track and record hundreds of parameters of these campaigns over time. All campaigns are then organized in an easy to use interface where you can then take a look at all campaigns to see what is working where for other advertisers, find out which campaigns are the most successful, filter them by various parameters and so much more, all at one place.

If you are interested in, or you are already using adult traffic sources, you can simply use EroSpy adult spy tool to find profitable campaigns.

Here is how I have been finding profitable campaigns:

I logged in to my EroSpy account and started browsing top campaigns in the USA and Canada to see what is working well currently. I stumbled upon quite a few male enhancement and muscle building campaigns. These campaigns were listed under “Top campaigns” so I decided to open a few ads for muscle building campaigns to see the details.

It’s no wonder why they were top campaigns. I could immediately see that they were active for a long time on multiple websites, they were active in both countries and they had one of the highest bid on multiple top placements such as “next to video A”. You can see an example of one ad and its stats from EroSpy below:

erospy members area

I was sure this campaign was very profitable, so I clicked on its landing page too see how it looks. It was a simple “blog style” landing page that lead to muscle building supplement sales page. Now I knew what kind of ad and landing page work for a simple muscle building supplement offer. I had two choices:

  1. Download an ad and landing page, sign up with an affiliate network that had that same muscle building offer and simply duplicate that whole campaign and take a piece of the profits
  2. Make a similar ad and landing page, and take them to a completely new, unsaturated market where I could take 100% of the profits for muscle building niche

Step 2: Modeling a campaign to a new market

I decided to go with the second option, not only because I don’t recommend stealing other advertiser’s campaigns, but also because I would make much more profit going with the second option, as you will soon see…

So until this point, I had a campaign that I was sure it is profitable in one market (USA & Canada) so now I needed a new market which is similar, but unsaturated so that I can launch my version of the campaign there.

Like the first time, I went to EroSpy and searched for the most popular campaigns, but this time I was focused on European countries. I found out that all popular campaigns were in dating and paysites niche, there were no muscle building ads at all.

This was a great opportunity because I was able to jump on this lucrative niche in countries where there was no competition and I had all creatives I needed. (Ad + landing page). I also quickly found a great offer that is similar to original muscle building offer and accepts local traffic.

Picking one GEO to start with

There are many countries in Europe that I wanted to target but I had to start with one. I picked Italy for no particular reason. I was sure that, if my campaign works, it will work great in most European countries.

So I made a very similar ad and landing page, I just translated the content to local language. For translations I usually use Odesk or OneHourTranslation. I paired it to an offer I found and my campaign was ready.

Step 3: Testing a new campaign

I submitted my campaign to 2 or 3 most popular ad placements on TrafficJunky network and run a test to see how it works.

Right of the bet, the campaign was profitable. It made $50 profit in 1 day which wasn’t something big at all but the ROI was great and all I had to do from that point is to scale it up.

I created 5 more ads based on the most successful ones from EroSpy and I run them on similar placements on 3 adult traffic networks. By doing that my profit went from $50 to over $200 a day in average.

Here are the results for the first 5 days of running that campaign:

erospy stats1

As you can see, I spent around $970 and made $2270 in revenue. Thats $1300 profit in 5 days in one country!

I already covered all major placements on adult traffic networks in Italy but I didn’t want to stop there. If it works in Italy why wouldn’t I scale it to other similar countries?

So I repeated the whole process in Spain. The results were similar, after scaling to all major placements my profit was $200 a day in Spain alone.

I kept scaling to other European countries, one by one until I had campaigns active in 12 countries, all at the same time. Each country was making me $240 a day in average which means I was making $2800 a day consistently.

Here are the stats for all active countries in one month time:

erospy stats2

That’s my revenue in one month time. I spent $65,180 across all traffic sources in that time and with a revenue of $149,680, that’s $84,500 of pure profit in 30 days.

I had these campaigns running and bringing me great profits for months. Of course, profits started to decline after some time and I decided to move on to new projects instead of refreshing ads, landing pages or pursuing new traffic sources for current campaigns.

I decided to do that because it once you have the right tool, it is easier and more interesting for me to create new campaigns since there are abundant opportunities all the time. Besides that, I still have many of these past campaigns running on autopilot and bringing me profits.


Researching profitable campaigns in one market, and modeling them to a new, unsaturated market is probably the simplest way to create a profitable campaign and scale it up big quickly. The great thing about it is that there are always bunch of opportunities since there are so many countries with fresh and profitable campaigns being added all the time.

The most difficult part, finding such campaigns and potential markets, is easily done with EroSpy. To gain your competitive advantage, you can visit the official page and you can use coupon: “20OFF” to cut your monthly price by $20.

P.S. As an EroSpy member, you also have access to full case studies (with full access to used ads, offers, networks, landing pages, everything) and support with some insider tips on traffic sources, networks and offers that are currently working best in pretty much all niches and countries you can think of.

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