GEO Opportunities

Today we will take a look at opportunities in various GEOs/countries for advertisers and affiliates who want to get more traffic that is unsaturated, cheap and converts.

Most of the advertisers/affiliates are still focused only on United States and maybe a few other countries like the UK and Canada. Maybe it is because they think these are the only countries where you can make some good money, maybe it is because of a language barrier or lack of ideas on what to promote there or maybe they just never looked into it and thought about a great potential outside of familiar markets.

Whatever the case, if you are not testing other GEOs or thinking it is not worth it, you are missing out!

Country comparison

To make it easier for you, we will analyze a number of different countries. We will compare their volume, average bid price and purchasing power. To make a fair comparison between the countries, all data will be based on one of the most popular spots in adult advertising, Pornhub NTV A.

Here is the table:

erospy countries

Note: data is not being updated in real time, but it gives you an estimate on what you can expect.
Average Bid = average CPM bid for this placement
Volume = average daily impressions for this spot
Net Salary = average annual wage in certain country

What can we learn from this data?

Generally speaking, the higher the average income in certain country, the higher the bid. Which is nothing strange because you would probably assume that people with more money spend more money online. However, not all countries follow the trend exactly and there are a few things to consider.

TIP 1: Unproportionally higher income relative to average bid

As you can see from he table, there are a few countries that have unproportionally higher income than their average bid so their potential is not fully exploited. That means that there is a market that does have a great purchasing power, but for some reason, the competition is low there.

Spotting such hot markets is a great advantage because you can promote the same offers that are working well in the most popular countries, but for a fraction of the bid price. To make this easier, you can use EroSpy to spy adult ads from these top countries and get an idea on what works there so that you can model it in those unexploited high potential countries.

TIP 2: Competition and market saturation

Market saturation plays a HUGE role in ad & landing page CTR and offer conversion rate.

What that means, is that a country that has low average income per capita and is often considered “poor” relative to more popular, top countries, can beat that popular and relatively rich country in both ad CTR, which means more volume, and offer conversion rate, which means higher EPC and more revenue. Not to mention, traffic for such country is cheaper so overall profits are even higher.


Let’s take a look at one example

In early 2012, Dr. Oz introduced Green Coffee Bean Extract. What happened then, he probably described the best himself when he said “A marketing apocalypse was ignited”. It was a huge thing in the USA, people were buying all kinds of green coffee extracts online like crazy. He made many advertisers and affiliates millionaires, but only those who jumped on the opportunity early. Try to promote the same funnel today, and you will most likely burn your budget without making a cent.

That’s market saturation. People saw so many ads and landing page variations for that product that they simply stopped noticing it. Many of them actually tried the product already and found out that it doesn’t work at all.

But that was NOT the end. Such downfall didn’t mean the green coffee extract was dead.

While it slowly died in the USA and some new trends arose, it was only a beginning for it in other countries. Just like the USA for the first time, it worked like crazy in top European countries. It was hot for a few months and then the same scenario occurred. It stopped working there as well.

But even that wasn’t the end. In 2013 and 2014, affiliates started promoting this product in Eastern Europe and in countries where, by that time, you couldn’t have seen online ads for such products, advertorials or any offers for such products online.

This was completely new market for such product, completely unsaturated and in a sense, naive because they didn’t have a chance to learn that a “news like” article might not be from the real news website or that online ads could sometimes promise a bit too much or that not all online comments are real and authentic.

Can “low income countries” work?

This was a perfect audience for affiliates, but the only questions was if they will buy such products since they generally have significantly lower income than consumers from previous countries.

The answer was absolutely yes. It turned out that the fact that the market is unsaturated and that these funnels are so fresh there, is more significant than purchasing power or higher average income. Even if they have 3 times lower income, they can still afford a $40 product if they want it and believe in it.



There will always be new trends and these trends are not the same in all countries. What is doing great now in one country might not even exist or have any competition in some other countries and those who jump first to a certain market have the highest chance to make the most money.

And the best of all is that you don’t have to invent the new trends, it is a lot easier and less risky to simply monitor what is working in certain countries and take it other, non saturated countries. It doesn’t have to be a whole funnel. It can be just one ad or a landing page or an offer.

This is why EroSpy can help you uncover so much potential. Literally, in a few minutes, you can spot trends in every country you can think of, get an idea on what is missing in other countries and just blast it there.

Running a proven offer on unsaturated market is probably the quickest and easiest way to win big in this game.

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