How Can EroSpy Help You Make Money With Adult Traffic Sources

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Unless you already have a successful campaign that you are now scaling to new adult traffic sources, starting a campaign from scratch or even adjusting a current campaign for adult traffic can be very difficult. It is not enough just to make a campaign that converts. You have to make a campaign where you are able to pay more for traffic and still stay profitable.

That means beating the competition with either higher campaign return on investment, so you are able to bid more than your competition, or optimising the campaign in a way where you can get the most return for the least amount of money. That comes from combining great ads, landing pages and offers with the optimal traffic sources.

Either way, when you are starting out, you are already behind because you don’t have any data to be able to setup a campaign in a way that it beats the competition. The only way to get this data is to make a lot of testing which costs time and money.

So what is the benefit of EroSpy, adult spy tool?

This where an adult ad spy tool like EroSpy comes in place. You don’t have to be behind and loose time and money while you are hustling your way to success. In fact, you can get a full insight at all current campaigns and model or use this top 1% campaigns to make your very first campaign a big winner.

So instead of being pretty much the last and do a long and slow climb from there, you have the ability to jump over 99% of all campaigns and focus only on the very best and most profitable. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What can I get from EroSpy?

EroSpy collects all campaigns and their data from adult traffic sources and allows you to get a full insight in each one of them. That means you will see all ads, landing pages and details for each campaign like targeted country, device, ad rank, time running, site where it is running and ad’s exact placement, traffic network and pretty much any info you can possibly get from a campaign.

Having thousands of campaigns and all their data, EroSpy has advanced filters so you can search for campaigns using any of these filters and it also has powerful algorithms that analyze all kinds of parameters to show you the most successful campaigns with a click of a button.

Combining all that, you get an extremely powerful tool that pretty much allows you to have the whole online adult advertising industry at your fingertips.

To learn more, please visit the official EroSpy website.

Now that you have an idea of how powerful this tool can be, here are a couple of ways you can use EroSpy yourself to start profiting from adult traffic:

1. Take a piece of the pie

If you want to get in the game as fast as possible, this would be the simplest solution. You simply find a campaign that is most likely to be profitable and runs on some higher volume placement and GEO (country).
Tip:  just use “Sort by: Top Ads” feature in EroSpy and it will do the whole work for you.

What you would do next, is to pick one of these campaigns and take note of their traffic network and placements, download their ad, landing page and get access to the same offer. Then you would insert your affiliate link, upload files to your server and run the same campaign on the same traffic network and placements. This way you would be a direct competitor and take a piece of the profits.

Since this is pretty much campaign stealing, I don’t recommend this way.

2. Take a proven campaign to new placements

This way, unlike the first one, involves a bit of differentiation. After you find a successful campaign using EroSpy, you can run it on new placements. This doesn’t mean just going from NTV A (next-to-video 1st. position) to NTV B, but also adjusting an ad to a different size so you can try it on other placements/zones, new sites/publishers in the same traffic network, or even better, take it to another traffic network and test how it performs on the top sites there.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend just stealing a campaign from one traffic network and running it on another. At least try to make some adjustments to ads and landing pages before you run it yourself.

3. Transfer proven campaigns to new GEOs

This is one of the best ways to combine the power and resources of EroSpy and your own marketing ideas and efforts. What you do here is to pick one or a few different countries and check out top campaigns to see what niches and offers work the best there. After that, pick another country and make sure that niche is not saturated there. Ideally, without competition on top sites.

You can then get landing page and ads translated (if it is a country with a different language), or modify and adjust the creatives if it is the same language. After you have your ads and landing page ready, you can run the campaign in your newly selected country that is not saturated and competitive in your niche.

For example, you find that the top niche in the USA and Canada is male enhancement. After checking out top campaigns in a few countries, you find out that in Ireland, there is no male enhancement campaigns on top sites, only adult dating and webcam niches are dominating. You can now run the campaign that is very likely to be successful (because it already is in the USA and Canada), in a new country (Ireland), where you know that there is no competition in that niche.

4. Scale successful campaigns to new traffic sources

You are not limited to use data from EroSpy just on adult traffic sources. There are so many campaigns from niches like dating, muscle building, games, business opportunities, weight loss and others that you can learn from and take them to another traffic sources, like native traffic networks and various media buying networks.

Again, if the campaign is proven to work very well on one traffic source (in this case adult traffic), it is very likely that it will work well on other traffic sources. Sometimes, even better because it is fresh and less saturated.

5. Use parts of campaigns and make your combination

There are so many other ways you can use EroSpy to benefit your business. Sometimes you just need ideas for ads and you can take care of the rest of the campaign. Sometimes, you have a great offer but you are just not sure what kind of landing page works for such offer. Maybe you are new to this or you just need a solid starting point and inspiration for your next campaign. Or maybe you just want to check trends or competition in certain countries.

Whatever the case, if are working with adult traffic networks or you are just planing to start, EroSpy can save you an immense amount of time and effort and point you to the fastest way to success.


Opportunities are endless, but to make it in this business you have to be ahead of mass competition. Top advertisers are already using such tools to keep track on what’s going on. Therefore, those who are ignoring competitive intelligence are always behind.

Visit the official EroSpy website to learn more and start now!

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